Take off from Rotorua.

I spent a couple of days in Rotorua for work. On the way back I booked a window seat—generally I’m an aisle seat person—with the idea of capturing an interesting view during the flight to Wellington. Photo taken with an iPhone 6s and processed as Rollei Digibase Generic in RNI Films for iPhone.

Suburbia rainbow

Rainbow during a misty day

I was walking the dog when there was this faded rainbow in the sky and took a picture with the phone. Then I thought everything should fade in the picture, so opened Snapseed and selected Noir and Drama filters, plus some small manual adjustments.

Stockings and reflection on escalator

I was walking in the shopping mall and took one of the escalators. I was immediately fascinated by the contrast between the geometry of the stockings, the lines of the escalator and the reflection on the glass surface. Quickly grabbed the camera and got the shot a bit too late (compared to my initial aim). Still I think it has an interesting dynamic.