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  • R, academia and the democratization of statistics

    R, academia and the democratization of statistics

    I am not a statistician but I use statistics, teach statistics and write about applications of statistics in biological problems. Last week I was in this biostatistics conference, talking with a Ph.D. student who was surprised about this situation because I didn’t have any statistical training. I corrected “any formal training”. On the first day […]

  • On the (statistical) road, workshops and R

    Things have been a bit quiet at Quantum Forest during the last ten days. Last Monday (Sunday for most readers) I flew to Australia to attend a couple of one-day workshops; one on spatial analysis (in Sydney) and another one on modern applications of linear mixed models (in Wollongong). This will be followed by attending […]

  • Solomon saith

    Solomon saith

    Solomon saith, There is no new thing upon the earth. So that as Plato had an imagination, that all knowledge was but remembrance; so Solomon giveth his sentence, That all novelty is but oblivion. Francis Bacon: Essays, LVIII quoted by Jorge Luis Borges in The Immortal (1949).

  • If you are writing a book on Bayesian statistics

    If you are writing a book on Bayesian statistics

    This post is somewhat marginal to R in that there are several statistical systems that could be used to tackle the problem. Bayesian statistics is one of those topics that I would like to understand better, much better, in fact. Unfortunately, I struggle to get the time to attend courses on the topic between running […]

  • No one would ever conceive

    No one would ever conceive

    I believe that no one who is familiar, either with mathematical advances in other fields, or with the range of special biological conditions to be considered, would ever conceive that everything could be summed up in a single mathematical formula, however complex. R.A. Fisher (1932) quoted in the preface to Foundations of Mathematical Genetics by […]