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  • Why not film?

    Why not film?

    “Why don’t you try film?”, he asked. “I can’t afford the time and expense required to work with film”, I muttered. Perhaps a truer statement would be that, right now, is not a high-enough prioritary to allocate the time and resources to go for film. My connection with film started in 1980. I got shooting […]

  • Cicadas


    These last two weeks the soundscape has been invaded by cicadas, sometimes deafening, sometimes slightly highlighting the silence. I am not used to them and the surrounding humidity; it is forty three and a half degrees South! How do I explain this? I am at the Guaitecas‘s latitude, but in the middle of nowhere. I […]

  • Preamble to the instructions on how to wind a watch

    Preamble to the instructions on how to wind a watch

    Think of this: when they present you with a watch, they are gifting you with a tiny flowering hell, a wreath of roses, a dungeon of air. They aren’t simply wishing the watch on you, and many more, and we hope it will last you, it’s a good grand, Swiss, seventeen rubies; they aren’t just […]

  • The library of babel by Jorge Luis Borges

    The library of babel by Jorge Luis Borges

    By this art you may contemplate the variations of the 23 letters…The Anatomy of Melancholy, part 2, sect. II, mem. IV The universe (which others call the Library) is composed of an indefinite and perhaps infinite number of hexagonal galleries, with vast air shafts between, surrounded by very low railings. From any of the hexagons […]

  • Rituals


    I start every morning making coffee. For a long time the routine included putting ground coffee in a very small (read toy) espresso machine. Since last Christmas I have been using a Moka Pot (aka stove top espresso) that I received as a gift. Thanks Marcela and Orlando! There is an increasing interest in providing […]