These last two weeks the soundscape has been invaded by cicadas, sometimes deafening, sometimes slightly highlighting the silence. I am not used to them and the surrounding humidity; it is forty three and a half degrees South!

How do I explain this? I am at the Guaitecas‘s latitude, but in the middle of nowhere. I can travel to the West for thousands of kilometers over water, pass below Australia, below Asia, below Africa and have nowhere to stop (except for water). Because of some reason I do not understand, I find this distance relaxing, but most of the time there is no precise combination of temperature and humidity for cicadas. I can travel towards the East for thousands of kilometers over water and have nowhere to stop until reaching the Guaitecas.

Sometimes I am fascinated by so much water: Where does it come from, what is it going to happen to it?Is there anything special on this gigantic cross of parallel and meridian or is it just an accident full of cicadas?

The answer is, the answers are [transmission interrupted].

Written slightly South from Christchurch, 43 degrees and fifty minutes latitude South.