This site is published by Luis A. Apiolaza in Christchurch, New Zealand. These pages, toots and tweets reflect only personal views and have no relationship with anybody else’s, including my family members, friends, pets, and employer.


Most pages—including text and graphics—are my copyright (1997–2023) and some rights are reserved. In summary, you can do whatever you want BUT you must give me credit and share your work with the same license (BY-SA).

Exceptions: for many journal articles I have transferred the copyright to the publishers (it sucks, I know), others use a CC-BY-NC-ND license, so you can share the articles BUT you must give me credit, can’t be used with commercial purposes and can’t produce derivative works from them. In summary, carefully check the license for my journal articles.

Privacy and Tracking

There are no trackers and no ads in this site: none.

I measure number of visitors with self-hosted, privacy-respecting web analytics and no cookies. I do not share this information with any third party. Further, I do not collect any personal data.

There are no “social” buttons (Facebook, Twitter, whatever) either, tracking you from/to other sites. If you want to link to a post you’ll have to do it the old-fashion way, copy-pasting the link.

I use no URL shorteners: they started as kind-of-a-good-idea, but these days they are mostly tracking mechanisms.

I have closed comments in the site; too much spam.


Right now, WordPress.

At the dawn of time—well, 1997—I wrote this site directly in HTML using Windows Notepad. Around 1999 I moved to Arachnophilia. By 2005 all pages ended up in PmWiki, a text back-end wiki. After 5 years I went back to simpler times, relying only on text files. However, writing HTML by hand becomes painful really quickly, so the choice of Markdown.

There are a few systems that can generate a blog from text files, and I initially wrote, a crummy looking python script based around the markdown and pygments modules. By the way, a publon is the minimum publishable unit, a tongue-in-cheek definition that I first found in ‘A Ph.D. is not enough’ by Peter Feibelman. In early 2016 I plugged my Markdown pages with almost no changes into Hugo.

The site was complemented with a weblog (Quantum Forest, although with a different emphasis from the current one, run using TextPattern) starting in 2003. TextPattern gave place to WordPress in 2008. In early 2010 I got really bored of the hassle of maintaining server software and started using Tumblr. I thought that the ephemeral nature of blog posts did not warrant fretting about putting the content in someone else’s servers. This idea was short-lived, and I went back to WordPress once I discovered that I could not easily add equations.

In January 2023 I got sick of Hugo and put both site and blog under the same domain using WordPress.