Traveling for swimming competition—kiddo competing while I officiate—and staying in a motel. There is some novelty and adventure for a kid in jumping in a car and appearing in a slightly different landscape a few hours later. That sense of adventure has often been lost or drowned in adults, probably the product of too much business travel to (almost) pointless meetings. I should say brief adventure, as tonight will be early bed as Saturday starts at 7:30am sharp on the pool deck.

Driving down Canterbury on a Friday evening is an easy and unexciting drive: flat, straight roads with the odd narrow bridge and no much traffic. Farmland, milk trucks, some crops here and irrigators over there. The clouds are always impressive though. This time they look mildly menacing, grey but well defined, with a hint of yellow and ocre nearing the end of the day.

We arrived at the motel, checked-in and moved our luggage to the room. On the plus side the place is spotless and not terribly noisy (despite being next to the road); however, it suffers of internet scarcity: room includes 50MB for two nights. My phone’s farts use more bandwidth! Of course I spoke too soon, as I can now hear boggans driving down the road with their modified cars: very low, one can imagine their bottoms almost touching the street, with huge exhausts to compensate for their [insert complex here] and bass boosting stereos.

It was just over a 2 hour drive but I feel a tad tired. I have lost practice driving around and most of my ‘commute’ (if 15 minutes can be called that) is by bicycle. Better wrap up this post here before I blow away all my fifty megabytes of restricted browsing.