Before I lose the link—as I’m deleting toots & tweets two weeks after I post the—I should save the address for “Introduction to Modern Causal Inference” by Alejandro Schuler and Mark van der Laan. It is a book draft that looks quite readable.

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Also love Xanthe Tynehorne, Esq.’s Compendium of Curious Words. Weird enough to make it interesting.

Count me fascinated by the Literature Clock by Johs Enevoldsen, which presents a text from a novel, poem, etc with the time of your computer clock.

I have kept on adding links until 5th February:

This Bayesian Data Analysis course, by Aki Vehtari, based on the classic BDA3 book (link to the free online version) looks really interesting. Even more so if you already have done some Bayesian stats work/study before.

Against Copyediting: Is It Time to Abolish the Department of Corrections? by Helen Rubinstein got me thinking about how we “correct” while editing texts, in my case mostly writings by postgrad students.