Sessions last an hour, in which I have to link to something, chain my mind so it doesn’t float away and go to dark places. Music is the easiest anchor; each session I hand-in a piece of paper with the name of an album which becomes the centre of my universe. They search it in Spotify and comes up on the headphones, covering the noise of particles.

Session 1: Vrioon by Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto

Session 2: Familiar Places by Little North

Session 3: Finding Seagulls by Little North

Session 4: The Blue Notebooks by Max Richter

Session 5: Viaje por la Cresta del Mundo by Congreso. In my opinion, this is the best Chilean album of the last 50 years.

Session 6: Familiar Places by Little North. Top-up session, so I allowed myself a repeat.