Author: Luis

  • Old dog, etc

    Old dog, etc

    Yesterday I attended an introduction to “Artificial Intelligence in Forestry”* workshop at the School of Forestry, University of Canterbury. There were plenty of industry people, including some of I taught “a few” years ago. I am mostly a quantitative genetics/stats person, but I keep my eyes open for anything that could be helpful dealing with…

  • More than heritability 🎶

    More than heritability 🎶

    It is easy to get obsessed with heritabilities when you start working in breeding and genetics. The idea that a fraction of that variability we are observing can be explained by pedigree (or family structure or clonal differences or whatever) is appealing. It gives us an idea of control: there is a whiff of causality…

  • Lecture on enshitification

    Lecture on enshitification

    Cory Doctorow’s “My McLuhan lecture on enshittification”. How we got to the current dystopia and how we can fix it. We need more competition, more regulation, more self-help, and more empowered workers. This applies to any industry; yes, even to your niche job, and to mine.

  • Python not suitable platform for reproducible research

    Python not suitable platform for reproducible research

    While [Active Papers] has achieved its mission of demonstrating that unifying computational reproducibility and provenance tracking is doable and useful, it has also demonstrated that Python is not a suitable platform to build on for reproducible research. Breaking changes at all layers of the software stack are too frequent. Konrad Hinsen in Archiving Active Papers…

  • The collapse of Eucalyptus globulus or future-proofing nonsense

    The collapse of Eucalyptus globulus or future-proofing nonsense

    I cringe every time I hear the term “future proofing”. It can be read as doing something to avoid facing the future or as doing something that will survive whatever the future brings. The first meaning is non-sensical, while the second is a fool’s errand. When working in breeding (plants, animals, trees) it is unfeasible…