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  • Flotsam 17: music playlist for writing

    Flotsam 17: music playlist for writing

    I have a four-hour long or so jazz for writing playlist in Spotify. No lyrics, which is less distracting for me.

  • Flotsam 16: new laptop

    Flotsam 16: new laptop

    In my job I get a new laptop every 3 years or so; at least that is how it works with Apple laptops. You get a new one, together with Apple care, and it is depreciated during three years. Keeping computers for longer doesn’t make financial sense according to the bean counters. Coincidentally, it is…

  • Flotsam 15: inference

    Flotsam 15: inference

    Before I lose the link—as I’m deleting toots & tweets two weeks after I post the—I should save the address for “Introduction to Modern Causal Inference” by Alejandro Schuler and Mark van der Laan. It is a book draft that looks quite readable. Also love Xanthe Tynehorne, Esq.’s Compendium of Curious Words. Weird enough to…

  • Flotsam 14: dev links

    Flotsam 14: dev links

    Back doing some coding, playing with R packages and collaborating with someone else. This is an unusual situation for me, as I write my own code, and never bothered learning to use git (or other code management system). With the help of the Twitter crowd I’ve been slowly learning to use some git so the…

  • Flotsam 13: early July links

    Flotsam 13: early July links

    Man flu kept me at home today, so I decided to do something ‘useful’ and go for a linkathon: Over and out.