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  • Flotsam 18: writing

    Flotsam 18: writing

    Adrian Kosmaczewski has an interesting post on How to write a programming book (using ASCIIDOC of all things). And another one on Joplin for notetaking. I feel we are looking for similar things, dealing with a crossplatform environment. I’m walking just a few years behind him.

  • Reviewing a manuscript in two hours

    Reviewing a manuscript in two hours

    Today I declined to review a manuscript for a journal because the English language in the title and abstract, which is the only part I received, was quite poor. The manuscript sounded more or less interesting, but the time and effort to deal with it was something that I could not afford and simultaneously maintain […]

  • Flotsam 15: inference

    Flotsam 15: inference

    Before I lose the link—as I’m deleting toots & tweets two weeks after I post the—I should save the address for “Introduction to Modern Causal Inference” by Alejandro Schuler and Mark van der Laan. It is a book draft that looks quite readable. Also love Xanthe Tynehorne, Esq.’s Compendium of Curious Words. Weird enough to […]

  • Why not film?

    Why not film?

    “Why don’t you try film?”, he asked. “I can’t afford the time and expense required to work with film”, I muttered. Perhaps a truer statement would be that, right now, is not a high-enough prioritary to allocate the time and resources to go for film. My connection with film started in 1980. I got shooting […]

  • Cicadas


    These last two weeks the soundscape has been invaded by cicadas, sometimes deafening, sometimes slightly highlighting the silence. I am not used to them and the surrounding humidity; it is forty three and a half degrees South! How do I explain this? I am at the Guaitecas‘s latitude, but in the middle of nowhere. I […]