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Mucking around with maps, schools and ethnicity in NZ

I’ve been having a conversation for a while with @kamal_hothi and @aschiff on maps, schools, census, making NZ data available, etc. This post documents some basic steps I used for creating a map on ethnic diversity in schools at the census-area-unit level. This “el quicko” version requires 3 ingredients:

  • Census area units shape files (available from Statistics New Zealand for free here).
  • School directory (directory-school-current.csv available for free here).
  • R with some spatial packages (also free).

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Geotagging memory lane

Google Maps continues to include some higher resolution images (if not maps) for some parts of the planet. I was able to find the place where I used to live in Santiago at the level of buildings and houses. And here is where I used to study Just have a look at the centre of the pictures.

Distances between Christchurch places where I have lived at some point of my life (obtained using Geobyte’s city distance tool):

  • Hobart, Australia: 2442 km.
  • Palmerston North, New Zealand: 431 km.
  • Valdivia, Chile: 8647 km.
  • Mendoza, Argentina: 9487 km.
  • Valera, Venezuela: 12876 km.
  • Los Teques, Venezuela: 13255 km.
  • Santiago, Chile: 9351 km.
  • Concepcion, Chile: 8930 km.

It should be relatively easy to tag the images with every conceivable story that one is blogging about, although a bit time consuming. However, for most places I write about, imagery resolution is too broad for anything useful. I am sure it is just a matter of waiting a couple of years to sort out this issue.

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