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  • Flotsam 17: maps

    Flotsam 17: maps

    Tiling is one of the big pieces to put together nice, interactive maps. How The Post is replacing Mapbox with open source solutions describe the tech behind solving this problem with Open Source software.

  • Mucking around with maps, schools and ethnicity in NZ

    I’ve been having a conversation for a while with @kamal_hothi and @aschiff on maps, schools, census, making NZ data available, etc. This post documents some basic steps I used for creating a map on ethnic diversity in schools at the census-area-unit level. This “el quicko” version requires 3 ingredients: Census area units shape files (available…

  • Geotagging memory lane

    Google Maps continues to include some higher resolution images (if not maps) for some parts of the planet. I was able to find the place where I used to live in Santiago at the level of buildings and houses. And here is where I used to study Just have a look at the centre of…