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  • Python not suitable platform for reproducible research

    Python not suitable platform for reproducible research

    While [Active Papers] has achieved its mission of demonstrating that unifying computational reproducibility and provenance tracking is doable and useful, it has also demonstrated that Python is not a suitable platform to build on for reproducible research. Breaking changes at all layers of the software stack are too frequent. Konrad Hinsen in Archiving Active Papers…

  • Flotsam 13: early July links

    Flotsam 13: early July links

    Man flu kept me at home today, so I decided to do something ‘useful’ and go for a linkathon: Over and out.

  • Pythonic links

    Pythonic links

    Before I forget: a few links about starting up in Python for scientific projects: Now if we had a great Python library for linear mixed models life would be easier.

  • Late-April flotsam

    Late-April flotsam

    It has been month and a half since I compiled a list of statistical/programming internet flotsam and jetsam. That’s all folks.

  • Early-March flotsam

    Early-March flotsam

    It has been a strange last ten days since we unexpectedly entered grant writing mode. I was looking forward to work on this issue near the end of the year but a likely change on funding agency priorities requires applying in a few weeks; unfortunately, it means that all this is happening at the same…