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  • Flotsam 16: neovim

    Flotsam 16: neovim

    Just to remember where things are in my neovim installation in MacOS: The init file follows the structure presented in here: pointing to the location of the plugins as:

  • Migration


    I was thinking that I have six domain names (including the .net and .com for my surname), posts spread all over the place and that I should focus my attention in fewer projects. On top of that I was annoyed with Hugo—the static site compiler, not a person—as for whatever reason small changes broke compilation […]

  • Returning to the small web

    Returning to the small web

    It’s no secret that social media has been progressively deteriorating for, at least, ten years. Simultaneously, many of us (myself included) stopped writing blog posts in which we could give some nuance to our ideas. Instead, we reduced thought to small sound bites, initially 140 characters long, later to an expansive 280 characters. For some […]

  • Why you shouldn’t entrust your pet to Glenstar Kennels

    Travel is part of life and if you have pets, finding appropriate boarding for them is a must. This is my explanation for why you should not entrust your dog to Glenstar Kennels, in Canterbury, New Zealand. At the end of 2016 I had work approval for a two-month trip overseas. Normally I would book […]

  • My setup (early 2015 edition)

    My setup (early 2015 edition)

    Almost 3 years ago I posted my computer setup following the model introduced by The Setup. A few things have changed in the meantime and this time is as good as any for updating the list.