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  • Looser social media

    Looser social media

    On 5th May I wrote something very simple and not new in Mastodon, which appeared to resonate with a few people: I don’t understand the idea that the Fediverse HAS to grow to compete with service X or it will be irrelevant. Firstly a network has to be useful to its members, who do not…

  • Social everything buckets

    Social everything buckets

    In 2009, Alex Payne wrote an article about the proliferation of Everything buckets, at least in the Mac universe. Software like Yojimbo, Bento, Eaglefiler, Devonthink, etc. Virtual scrapbooks with all sorts of information that does not necessarily belong together. Part of the complaint was about having applications that do everything poorly, instead of dealing with…

  • I’m not a content creator

    I’m not a content creator

    I struggle with the word “content”—as used in “content creator” or “content producer”—to refer to creative endeavours. Content as something included or contained into a blank space. Content as fungible filler, writing, sounds, images that can be easily (unnoticeably) replaced with something else. “Content” diminishes creation. As an amateur I create writings, pictures, code and…

  • Flotsam 16: new laptop

    Flotsam 16: new laptop

    In my job I get a new laptop every 3 years or so; at least that is how it works with Apple laptops. You get a new one, together with Apple care, and it is depreciated during three years. Keeping computers for longer doesn’t make financial sense according to the bean counters. Coincidentally, it is…

  • Flotsam 16: neovim

    Flotsam 16: neovim

    Just to remember where things are in my neovim installation in MacOS: The init file follows the structure presented in here: pointing to the location of the plugins as: