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  • Some love for Base R. Part 4

    Some love for Base R. Part 4

    Following on parts 1, 2 & 3—yes, a series—we arrive to part 4 revisiting Base R. See part 1 for the rationale, in case you’re wondering Whyyyy? A typical question going back to Base from the tidyverse: How do I join datasets? What do I use instead of bind_rows() and bind_cols()? Easy, rbind() and cbind(),…

  • Sense-checking data

    Sense-checking data

    Over the birdsite dumpster fire. Emily Harvey was asking: do you know of any good guidelines/advice for what one should do to sense check and make sure they understand any data before using it? I replied the following: Typically, I might be very familiar with the type of data and its variables (if it is…

  • Some love for Base R. Part 3

    Some love for Base R. Part 3

    It seems a few people have found useful the reminders of base-R functionality covered in “Some love for Base R” Part 1 and Part 2. So I will keep on mentioning a few bits and pieces that you may find handy when going back to Base or even visiting it for the first time. A…

  • Flotsam 18: writing

    Flotsam 18: writing

    Adrian Kosmaczewski has an interesting post on How to write a programming book (using ASCIIDOC of all things). And another one on Joplin for notetaking. I feel we are looking for similar things, dealing with a crossplatform environment. I’m walking just a few years behind him.

  • Entrevista: información de fondo

    Entrevista: información de fondo

    El jueves pasado, miércoles en Chile, grabamos una entrevista con Gabriel León. Espero haber dejado claro que era mi opinión personal, en el sentido que no representa una posición institucional, pero también en el sentido de que está informada por 30 años de mi ejercicio profesional. Gabriel me contactó partiendo de ver algunos de mis…