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  • Anyone using other than RStudio?

    Anyone using other than RStudio?

    I asked both in Mastodon and Twitter “Anyone using other than #RStudio as their main #rstats IDE?” and—knowing that some programmers are literal and would probably reply ‘Yes’—I added “What is it?” Of course I got a few replies like “I only have used RStudio” (Why reply?) or “I use RStudio but in docker containers”…

  • Some love for Base R. Part 3

    Some love for Base R. Part 3

    It seems a few people have found useful the reminders of base-R functionality covered in “Some love for Base R” Part 1 and Part 2. So I will keep on mentioning a few bits and pieces that you may find handy when going back to Base or even visiting it for the first time. A…

  • Some love for Base R. Part 2

    Some love for Base R. Part 2

    Where were we? Giving some love to base-R and putting together the idea that it is possible to write R very clearly when using base. Two sets of typical issues: Subsetting rows and columns When running analyses we often want to work on a subset of all cases (rows) or variables (columns). People are used…

  • Some love for Base R. Part 1

    Some love for Base R. Part 1

    For a long time it has bothered me when people look down at base-R (meaning the set of functions that comes in a default installation), as it were a lesser version of the language when compared to the tidyverse set of functions or data.table or whatever. I think part of this situation is due to…

  • Flotsam 17: maps

    Flotsam 17: maps

    Tiling is one of the big pieces to put together nice, interactive maps. How The Post is replacing Mapbox with open source solutions describe the tech behind solving this problem with Open Source software.