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  • Jetsam 37: ED

    Jetsam 37: ED
  • Jetsam 36: sunflower rain

    Jetsam 36: sunflower rain
  • Jetsam 35: hospitals

    Jetsam 35: hospitals

    Some years are simple accumulations of 365 days, one after the other, without many memorable challenges. Twenty twenty-three is the family year of medical challenges, treatments, lab tests, surgeries and long conversations. What are the pros and cons of this option? In balance, is this option better than the alternative? It’s only mid-March, but it […]

  • Jetsam 34: Red sky at night

    Jetsam 34: Red sky at night

    Thursday was a fantastic “red sky at night, shepherd’s delight” time while driving to pick up kiddo and then home in Ōtautahi Christchurch. Photo straight-up from the camera, no retouches.

  • Why not film?

    Why not film?

    “Why don’t you try film?”, he asked. “I can’t afford the time and expense required to work with film”, I muttered. Perhaps a truer statement would be that, right now, is not a high-enough prioritary to allocate the time and resources to go for film. My connection with film started in 1980. I got shooting […]