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  • Flotsam 12: early June linkathon

    A list of interesting R/Stats quickies to keep the mind distracted: A long draft Advanced Data Analysis from an Elementary Point of View by Cosma Shalizi, in which he uses R to drive home the message. Not your average elementary point of view. Good notes by Frank Davenport on starting using R with data from…

  • Flotsam 11: mostly on books

    Flotsam 11: mostly on books

    ‘No estaba muerto, andaba the parranda’† as the song says. Although rather than partying it mostly has been reading, taking pictures and trying to learn how to record sounds. Here there are some things I’ve come across lately.

  • Pythonic links

    Pythonic links

    Before I forget: a few links about starting up in Python for scientific projects: Now if we had a great Python library for linear mixed models life would be easier.

  • Mid-September flotsam

    Mid-September flotsam

    This is one of those times of the year: struggling to keep the head above the water, roughly one month before the last lecture of the semester. On top trying to squeeze trips, meetings and presentations in between while dealing with man flu.

  • Mid-August flotsam

    Mid-August flotsam

    Reached mid-semester point, with quite a few new lectures to prepare. Nothing extremely complicated but, as always, the tricky part is finding a way to make it meaningful and memorable. Sometimes, and this is one of those times, I sound like a broken record but I’m a bit obsessive about helping people to ‘get’ a…