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  • Pythonic links

    Before I forget: a few links about starting up in Python for scientific projects: Basic Data Analysis and More—A Guided Tour Using python. PDF in the arxiv. Python Scientific Lecture Notes. Quick introduction chapters. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python! An opinionated intro to Python. Numba versus Cython, for when you really need speed. Now if […]

  • Mid-September flotsam

    This is one of those times of the year: struggling to keep the head above the water, roughly one month before the last lecture of the semester. On top trying to squeeze trips, meetings and presentations in between while dealing with man flu. Creating a list of introductory-level Bayesian blogs. Some suggestions in the comments: […]

  • Mid-August flotsam

    Reached mid-semester point, with quite a few new lectures to prepare. Nothing extremely complicated but, as always, the tricky part is finding a way to make it meaningful and memorable. Sometimes, and this is one of those times, I sound like a broken record but I’m a bit obsessive about helping people to ‘get’ a […]

  • Early August flotsam

    Back teaching a couple of subjects and it’s the constant challenge to find enough common ground with students so one can push/pull them to the other side of new concepts. We are not talking about complex hierarchical models using mixed models or Bayesian approaches, but multiple linear regression or similar. What do students actually learn […]

  • End of May flotsam

    The end is near! At least the semester is coming to an end, so students have crazy expectations like getting marks back for assignments, and administrators want to see exam scripts. Sigh! What has been happening meanwhile in Quantum Forest?