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  • Fascinated by change

    Fascinated by change

    The last 2 months or so I have been revisiting the Chilean forest sector and mentally comparing values with other two places: Australia (where I worked 6 years) and New Zealand (where I’ve been living for close to two decades). Previous related posts here and here. We often get stuck considering specific values of dynamic…

  • We all stopped expanding our forest estate

    We all stopped expanding our forest estate

    A few days ago I was comparing afforestation figures—planting in area that didn’t have trees before—across New Zealand, Chile and Australia. There was a bit of discussion in the comments but, of course, that was only a small part of painting a picture of the plantation forestry sector in each country. This time, I am…

  • New plantations in AU, NZ and CL

    New plantations in AU, NZ and CL

    Looking at new forest plantations areas in Chile (data from INFOR), Australia (ABARES) and New Zealand (MPI) since 1994, as the Chilean dataset starts then. Interesting to see how the expansion of the forest estate collapsed in all three Southern Hemisphere countries at the start of the 2010s. Lately, New Zealand has seen an increase…

  • Collaborative competition

    Collaborative competition

    I was reading Peter Amer’s “Pre-competitive collaboration” in which he discusses the interaction between private and public sectors in research and innovation, as someone coming from the private sector. Nice commentary. I work for a public university, so I come from a slightly different position. In my quantitative genetics work, most of the methodologies are…

  • What Would Akaike Do?

    What Would Akaike Do?

    This AIC looks way more fun than the other AIC for (soft toy) model selection.