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  • IPython


    I installed the latest version (0.12) of IPython from source in my mac, but forgot that I had a previous version (0.10) installed using easy_install. When trying to run ipython I kept getting the error: No module named terminal.ipapp. Fixing it. I ran easy_install -m ipython in Terminal, so Python doesn’t continue looking for the […]

  • Python code to simulate the Monty Hall problem

    Python code to simulate the Monty Hall problem

    I always struggled to understand the Monty Hall Problem, which popped up again in William Briggs’s site. The program assumes that initially the prize is equally likely to be behind one of the three doors. Once the contestant (player in the program) chooses a door, the game host (who knows where is the prize) opens another door that […]

  • Publon: my simple publication Python script

    Publon: my simple publication Python script

    After using PmWiki (PHP wiki software) for nearly five years to maintain my web site I was a bit tired of fiddling with it. I then rolled out the following very simple and crummy Python script. Besides a basic Python distribution it only requires Python Markdown and Pygments. There are no external templates or any other niceties–although it […]

  • Dynamic Google maps using Python

    Dynamic Google maps using Python

    I originally wrote this code on 2 February 2009, as a quick hack to publish air pollution in Santiago. The air quality stations now present data in a different way, so the mapping doesn’t work, but the general idea is still useful. A barebones version of my Python code to generate the KML file is: […]

  • Back to Python

    I started using Python way back at the end of 1996 or early 1997. I was working in my PhD, for which the first project involved writing some simulations in FORTRAN. Originally I was using FORTRAN90, but then I needed to move my project to a server that had only FORTRAN77, so I was stuck […]