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  • R pitfall #1: check data structure

    A common problem when running a simple (or not so simple) analysis is forgetting that the levels of a factor has been coded using integers. R doesn’t know that this variable is supposed to be a factor and when fitting, for example, something as simple as a one-way anova (using lm()) the variable will be […]

  • A shoebox for data analysis

    Recidivism. That’s my situation concerning this posting flotsam in/on/to the ether. I’ve tried before and, often, will change priorities after a few posts; I rationalize this process thinking that I’m cured and have moved on to real life. This time may not be different but, simultaneously, it will be more focused: just a shoebox for […]

  • Python code to simulate the Monty Hall problem

    Python code to simulate the Monty Hall problem

    I always struggled to understand the Monty Hall Problem, which popped up again in William Briggs’s site. The program assumes that initially the prize is equally likely to be behind one of the three doors. Once the contestant (player in the program) chooses a door, the game host (who knows where is the prize) opens another door that […]