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  • Shaken


    We had a beautiful day sightseeing Banks Peninsula when another quake hit Christchurch: magnitude 5.8 at 1:58pm local time. This has been followed by numerous aftershocks, including a 6.0 at 3:18pm. The MQZ quake drum looked like this: Tomorrow is another day (probably filled with aftershocks).

  • Hiking


    Traveling with friends and family, view from Green Lake towards Lake Tarawera, North Island, New Zealand. Time for walks, nice meals and setting R aside (although I have a few drafts for the blog soon to be published). Now back in the South Island we prepare for a great weekend with more walks, food and […]

  • Cicadas


    These last two weeks the soundscape has been invaded by cicadas, sometimes deafening, sometimes slightly highlighting the silence. I am not used to them and the surrounding humidity; it is forty three and a half degrees South! How do I explain this? I am at the Guaitecas‘s latitude, but in the middle of nowhere. I […]