Author: Luis

  • What Would Akaike Do?

    What Would Akaike Do?

    This AIC looks way more fun than the other AIC for (soft toy) model selection.

  • Leaking genetic gain: not quite a selection index

    Leaking genetic gain: not quite a selection index

    A few years ago I was talking with a breeder who spent substantial time running genetic analyses, with fairly sophisticated linear mixed models. From there the breeder obtained BLUPs for a couple of selection criteria (using an animal model with heterogeneous site variances), heritabilities, genetic correlations, etc. The typical stuff. Then came the leak: let’s…

  • Long-term and longer-term

    Long-term and longer-term

    Last Tuesday I had a very interesting visit (coordinated by Dr Verónica Emhart) and discussion with the breeding team at CMPC in Los Ángeles, southern Chile. This is part of a trip visiting organisations in Chile during December and January*. I had offered to give a talk about our work breeding for solid wood products…

  • Names and things

    Names and things

    There was a time when we used to take one or more field crews and we would measure trees. As in getting dbh with a tape, height with a clinometer, form on a scale from 1-6 or 1-9 or whatever. Sometimes we would extract increment cores or use a time-of-flight tool to get velocity, etc.…

  • Why did my breeding values go down?

    Why did my breeding values go down?

    At first, the question may sound strange. You have been collecting data, running analyses using various acronyms (PBLUP, GBLUP, HBLUP, …), in a univariate/multivariate fashion, using ad-hoc or commercial software (asreml-R, Bolt, …), generating a long list of numbers sorted from highest to lowest.  The list was uploaded to a website (or a printed catalogue)…